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Lake Clara Lake Clara, Detail Christopher Gallego, Beach Grasses, #2 Beach Grasses Christopher Gallego, Big Pine, 2006 Pines, Spring Christopher Gallego, Surf, 2010 Christopher Gallego, Studio Chair, 1997 Christopher Gallego, Studio Interior Christopher Gallego, Interior with Three Rooms Christopher Gallego, Windows, 2002 Christopher Gallego, Rubber Gloves, 2004 Christopher Gallego, Bag of Plaster, 2000Christopher Gallego, Mannequin,, 2998 Christopher Gallego, Tenth Avenue Crosswalk #2, 2014 Ceiling Pipes, Brooklyn, 2011 Christopher Gallego, Kitchen Radiator, 1997Christopher Gallego, Shirt and Door, 2004 Christopher Gallego, Door, Jersey City, 2005 Christopher Gallego, Laundry Boiler, 2002 Christopher Gallego, Nest, 2006 Christopher Gallego, Drop Cloth, 2012 Christopher Gallego, Small Studio Jar, 2008 gallego-platter-saatchi85x gallego-teapot-saatchi85x


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